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Pandemic notes (20th SEP 2021)

Dear existing and prospective customers,

I hope everyone has done as well as they possibly could have in the current pandemic situation. At Clear Water Services, we are trying our best to serve our customers and their pool needs while doing our part to manage the myriad issues that the pandemic and associated regulatory requirements.

1) We are committed to the safety of all our customers and staff. As of 1 Sep 2021 100% of our staff are fully vaccinated and we continue to do the rostered testing as required by the government.

2) Due to labor restrictions, our current job queue is approximately 16 weeks long at the moment. We beg your patience here as we seek solutions around shortening this turnaround period. If your project is time-sensitive, please confirm as soon as possible.

3) The crunch in global supply chains and vastly increased ocean freight costs has seen our raw material costs go up 15-25% depending on type of material/equipment. We are absorbing what we can but it is inevitable that eventually we will have to pass them on if the situation does not get better. You might find our future quotations higher than what they used to be, notably on chemicals, wood and labor intensive projects.

We hope everyone has a good rest of 2021!

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