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UPDATE 24 JUN 20: On general works (excluding maintenance and urgent repairs/replacements of parts)

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have been in contact with the dormitories that our workers are at (Westlite Toh Guan) as well as MOM.

As of 24th Jun 2020, here are the following updates:

1) Our Bangladeshi workers have already passed 2 of their COVID tests.

2) Our Malaysian workers (mainly carpentry team) are still not allowed to travel into the country.

1a) As of 22nd June, MOM has informed us that 79k out of approximately 350k workers have been rehoused in "cleared" dormitories (slightly less than 25%). It appears that priorities are given to public works/infrastructure workers for now.

1b) We are advised that our workers dormitory will be reclassed as "Clear" by 2H July. Since this is a timeline that is still pretty far away, we are trying to test different solutions (rehousing them outside the dormitory, shift them into a "cleared" block within the dormitory, etc) but have been advised MOM will be doing the scheduling. Nonetheless we will do our best as we want to clear our increasingly long backlog of works.

2a) The release of our Malaysian workers into Singapore is subject to negotiations between the 2 foreign ministries. As of right now, there is no concrete timeline. We can do still minor carpentry works however.


This is a trying time and despite our best efforts, it appears that the authorities will have their timetable. We ask that you bear with us and we will try to schedule your works as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Management Team (Ivan, John and Boon)

Clear Water Services Pte Ltd

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