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Dear Customer,

1. We have received a limited exemption as of 29th Apr 2020 from MTI/NEA to performing the following: 1 full cleaning every 2 weeks following a fixed schedule that has been submitted to MTI/NEA; as well as perform urgent repairs using time-exemptions 2x a week (5th, 8th, 12th, 15th, 19th, 22nd, 26th, 29th May).

2. For our public pools customers, we will continue with the 1x/2week protocol with super chlorination.

3. For our private customers, in order to keep the pools usable during this CB period, our customers will have their pool cleaned twice in May 2020, and we will leave additional chlorine (or salt) for the alternate weeks that the poolman is unable to attend. On the days the poolman turns up, they will clean the pool thoroughly. If you have any questions on where to dose the chlorine on the alternate weeks please ask the poolman when he arrives at your place.

4. The schedule for the pool cleaning shall be as follows:

Customers normal schedule Mon/Thu: 4th, 18th May.

Customers normal schedule Tue/Fri: 5th, 19th May.

Customers normal schedule Wed/Sat: 6th, 20th May.

If there are slippages the poolman will rearrange with you, and will make his next visit 2 weeks after.

5. We will also provide a water treatment service at the end of the CB period as part of the May 2020 maintenance charges.

6. This message supersedes all previous updates – we will no longer deliver the 5kg of chlorine in 1 go.

7. For urgent repairs, please whatsapp/sms to IVAN LIM 81817606 OR JOHN LIM 97110272. Our slots will be limited, but we will try to attend to all customers.

8. For those customers who have already received their chlorine, or purchased their own chlorine and have indicated they will do their own cleaning, we will not be attending to you (unless you tell us otherwise) and will also not charge for May 2020 services.

9. Once again, we apologise for the constant changes/updates but we feel confident that this is the end of the upheaval on this front.

Best Regards, Clear Water Services Pte Ltd

For queries/clarifications, please sms/whatsapp to: IVAN LIM 81817606 OR JOHN LIM 97110272

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